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Low-level aerial surveying

Our team are experts in low-level aerial surveying, and will provide the best quality service no matter what corner of the world you are in. We are a fix-wing operator approved for low level survey worldwide under New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority rules, and have attained many years of aerial survey operations with a clean safety record.

Our flight crews are experienced and highly trained for safe operations within the low level environment


40,000+ hours in fixed wing, low-level surveys.

'Kiwi Air operate high quality, long endurance and very low mag noise (ideal) survey aircraft. The crew work as a solid team, are professional in every way and have a superb track record in reducing down time to a minimum. Highly recommended, you will not be disappointed.'

Peter McMullen, Managing Director
GeoResults Pty Ltd.

We have conducted surveys for Governments as well as some of the biggest names in exploration worldwide.

Aircraft Crewing and Expertise

The knowledge and expertise of our highly trained, professional pilots and engineers is well sought after. Kiwi Air has supplied pilots, modifications and leased aircraft to companies worldwide.

Of particular note, we are the leading operator of PAC 750’s and have the ability to reconfigure this aircraft in various rolls. We have been the backbone to the birth of this New Zealand designed and manufactured plane - including owning both the prototype and the first off the production line. We were also the first company to operate the PAC 750 in Skydive, Aerial Magnetic and Gravity Survey, Aerial mapping LiDAR and we own the STC to configure this aircraft into Agricultural topdressing application.

Kiwi Air is an approved New Zealand CAA PART 135 Air Operator. Our experienced pilots are trained and approved to perform all roles.

Kiwi Air can do and has done.

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